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1, Special shaping mold

2, Magiwire 5m

3, Instructions



1, Size: 13Wx20Lx1H cm

2, Weight: 35g

3, Material: low melting point plastic

4, Difficulty: Three stars


MagiWire is an easy to use low melting point plastic wire, which will melt when heated to 70℃ (158°F), you can soften it in hot water and then shape it. Use our special shaping mold to make the required parts, then, bond them according to the instructions step by step, you can complete your own 3D modeling work.



1,Light weight, High Strength

2,Environmentally-friendly, biodegradable

3,No heavy metals or plasticizer


1 There is no need to prepare too much hot water; Watch out for safety.

2. We advice not to use plastic container, you shall test first whether MagiWire will stick to the container under high temperature after cooling.

3. Avoid heating repeatedly. It will shrink a little because of thermal expansions and contractions.

4. Keep finished work away from heat source

Company Information


Shenzhen ESUN Industrial Co., Ltd. established in 2002 and located in ShenZhen Special Economic Zone, also has been built an environment-friendly industrial park covering 90 acres in XiaoGan city, is a hi-tech enterprise specializing in researching, developing, producing and operating lactate, lactate esters, phosphate, PLA and Polymorph etc.


The Company is engaged in the field of biomaterials and biologic solvent and hopes to use renewable plant resources to develop environment-friendly products. The Company has successively established three R&D centers, in Shenzhen, Wuhan and Xiaogan, assumed a series national, provincial and municipal projects, including over 20 international and national invention patents and so on, which are state-level high-tech technical enterprises.